Next Chapter


Office Mascot
Hi, I'm Flo and I'm the Office Mascot! I'm an expert at meeting and greeting clients, and I always ensure a friendly and warm attitude when clients pop into the office!

I enjoy boosting team morale, and love being walked by members of the team when they're not too busy on the phones or out at appointments!

Feel free to pop into the office at any time to come and see me, I love strokes and treats!


Amir Rafiai

Hi I'm Amir Rafiai, I'm the Director here at Next Chapter Estate Agents.  Firstly, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about myself; I've always worked within Estate Agency, managing offices in various areas - including Brighton and London. Although I believe in the core traditional values of Estate Agency, which includes achieving client's the best possible price for their home and exceptional customer service, Estate Agency as we know it, is changing. The team and I are leading the way in that change, with a modern and fresh approach to advertising, as well as embracing new technology.

Historically, Estate Agents have unfairly charged a percentage to sell your home along with huge profit margins. I think it's about time this changed.  I believe in fairness, honesty and transparency and that is exactly what you'll get from me as a person and from my company.

Not only will we give you the best kind of advertising, achieve the best possible price for your home and offer a great level of customer service - we will do it ALL with our fairer fee system. 

Estate Agency IS changing. Join the revolution. 

Katy Rafiai

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself! I'm Katy Rafiai, and I'm a Director here at Next Chapter Estate Agents. I handle all aspects of company marketing, social media and branding. My job is to make sure we get your home noticed by coming up with new and innovative ways of marketing your home. 

When we started the business in 2013, we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to create something special. Something unique.

We have worked tirelessly to make sure that we offer you the best of the best. The best photography, the best fees, the best marketing and the best customer service. None of these should ever be compromised.

I'm always here to help you in any way I can, so if you need a chat just call the office!


Kelly Farnan

Client Relationship Manager/Valuer
Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm a Client Relationship Manager and Valuer here at Next Chapter Estate Agents. I've always worked within customer focussed environments, and I strongly believe in ensuring an exceptional level of customer service at all times. 

I'll take care of you from the very beginning, from booking your initial viewing, all the way through to completing on your sale! I'll guide you through the whole process making it as stress free as possible.

If you need anything from me, just give me a call in the office. I'm always here to help and will answer any questions or queries you may have. 

Paul Dupen

Hiya, I'm Paul Dupen and I'm a Surveyor here at Next Chapter Estate Agents. I carry out the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and the Floor Plans for all the properites that Next Chapter has on the market. So if your home needs an EPC or a Floor Plan, I'll be the one coming round to do it!

If you have any questions for me, or you're not sure if your property needs an EPC or a Floor Plan, call the office and I'll be sure to help you. 

Ben Lambert

Sales Negotiator
Video coming soon....

Ciaran Weal

Sales Negotiator
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Eloise Cumberland

Viewing Agent
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