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Artistic Photography

Estate Agents aren't photographers and they should stop trying to be! With the use of online marketing, buyers can dismiss a property in a matter of seconds, so it's crucial your home leaves an immediate impression!

Next Chapter are thrilled to be working exclusively with Linda Blacker and Tom McGahan! You only have to see their work to know they will capture the highest quality imagery for your property. Let Linda and Tom transport buyers into your home, making sure you stand out from the competition.  With their experience and skills in photography, we will find you the right buyer, at the best price, in the shortest time possible!

Linda Blacker

Linda Blacker is an up and coming UK photographer, born and raised in Chelmsford Essex. Her work has a unique style, intertwining fantasy and reality to create eye catching, colourful results. 

Linda's rare artistic style is beginning to forge a powerful and prominent pathway in the photographic industry, her work is truly varied and in many respects extremely emotive - which is exactly what you need to capture the imagination of a prospective buyer.

It's important to us that your home is captured in the most unique way possible and so we decided, quite early on not to use a typical property photographer, or let ourselves take hold of the camera.  Instead we wanted to leave it to an artist, afterall good photography is an art form!

Exclusive to Next Chapter Linda will make your home look irresistable, in all types of marketing.
Let your home get noticed with Linda Blacker -  unique and exclusive to Next Chapter.

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Linda Blacker ALUK

Tom McGahan -
Internationally Renowned

Born and raised in deepest darkest Essex in the estuary town of Maldon. Tom first fell in love with photography at the age of 15, and was hooked. The landscape of the coastal regions of  east Essex, are flat and featureless with big endless skies. These landscapes have helped to mould Toms style of contemporary Landscape Photography. Tom has worked with high end marketing agencies, multinational business, and small local firms, producing high end quality imagery.

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Please note: Photography is included within all of our services