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St. Helens

St Helen's is a Catholic Academy Junior School in Brentwood for 7-11 year olds. 
Built in 1973 St Helen's serves the Catholic parishes of Brentwood and Warley, Ongar and Ingatestone. The school is situated in a pleasant rural area within a ten minute walking distance from Brentwood Town centre. The school has fourteen classrooms and a heated, covered swimming pool that is used throughout the year by the Junior School and some schools in the area. 

The school aims to educate children into an active faith, developing their intellectual skills and promoting qualities of mind, spirit and imagination, helping children to search for God and enter into a personal relationship with Him.
St. Helen's provides opportunities for a wide variety of creative activities such as music, art and craft and drama, helping to encourage self-reliance, self respect, self-confidence and self-discipline.

01277 213962