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Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson offers a wide range of high end, bespoke furniture that is sure to suit all your needs!
Originally based in Wiltshire, Mark Wilkinson is widely represented throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Mark Wilkinson is recognised as being at the forefront of his industry and his brand is one that is internationally acclaimed. 

In the Brentwood showroom, which is located on the Ingrave Road, you will find beautiful displays of furniture and in room sets that showcase the design styles of Mark Wilkinson OBE presenting the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials.

"I want furniture that, once fixed into a house, stays there for many generations. I like classical rather than fashionable styles; styles that the grandchildren of the people who first had the kitchen fitted will still love. It actually spreads the initial investment over many decades and makes my ‘expensive’ kitchens real value for money.”

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