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Doddinghurst Primary School

Doddinghurst Primary school is situated in a rural location close to the centre of Doddinghurst village.
Doddinghurst Junior School prides itself on ensuring that all pupils are learning in a warm, supportive school environment, in which traditional values are upheld. They encourage their children to be respectful and responsible, to work hard and to treat others with warmth and consideration.

The school provides an excellent learning environment where pupils are proud to belong, feel valued and achieve highly. Here, relationships are nurtured and everyone values the care and respect which underpins all school life. Within this cohesive family, there is a very strong sense of what it means to be living in a community in which church and school links are extremely important.

Parents speak highly of this village school where, ‘every child is greeted individually each morning by name’ and older pupils take on the role of ‘guardian angels’ with Year 3 newcomers. 

They believe that the many hours spent at Junior School, finding out about different things and learning something new every day, should be a memorable and enjoyable experience!

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