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Our New Lifestyle Movie!

A special home needs a special marketing campaign...
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From the moment we walked into this home, we were stunned by its bright open hallway, the large windows that follow you from room to room, the open plan living space, and the way that different parts of the home come to life at different times of the day.
We knew that we wanted to seize this opportunity to create something truly exceptional, to draw upon our expertise as the number 1 market leader for innovation and come up with a new creative vision that would elegantly exhibit the luxurious feeling of this home. So, the team sat down and brain stormed how we could get this home ‘off the page’ and firmly into peoples’ minds - and the idea of a lifestyle movie was created!
We started the process by putting together a storyboard and detailing frame by frame how we wanted it to look. The feeling of movement was paticularly important to us. We didn’t want to create a typical Estate Agency video, with flat moving images or 360 footage - we wanted actors, a family, movement etc. We wanted viewers to experience the fluidity of the house, following the way that a family might live and enjoy this remarkable home.
There were key points we wanted to focus on; the light, the garden, the open plan living space, the master bedroom, with its walk-in wardrobe and balcony, the allotment area, the outside fireplace etc. all of which are key features of this home. We wanted to follow the house over the course of a day, starting with coffee on the balcony and finishing with champagne in front of the open fire place.
As part of the process, we carried out a bespoke one-to-one consultation with our client where we put together a report detailing how we needed to prepare their home for both the photographs and filming. We spent a day, moving furniture, staging ornaments, clearing the space and putting together recommendations to showcase their home to it’s very best. We even met with a selection of florists to come up with bespoke arrangements for each room of the house, which would complement the décor and furniture.
We sourced a production company, actors, costumes, props, a car, even Bruce the wonderful labradoodle – and we pulled it all together for a full and busy day of filming.
What I’m trying to say is this – at Next Chapter, we’re not just Estate Agents, we’re marketeers. We can deliver a bronze service with exceptional fine art photography and, our creative team can produce a bespoke platinum package with your own feature lifestyle movie. All our services are chosen by you – for you.
We are a creative team, with creative vision and when you combine that with a huge amount of hard work, you’ll see that we know exactly how to market homes. Regardless of budget, our creative team are dedicated to you and your home.
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