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Fine Art Photography!

Does professional photography really matter?
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Estate Agents are not photographers!

We live in a world where a ‘click through rate’ means everything. Everything is fast, quick and easily disposable.  It's not who you advertise with, it's how your home is advertised - that's what's important. 

If you want the BEST possible price for your home, then do not let your Estate Agent take your photographs! As Estate Agents, our job is to make sure your home is advertised in a way that will grab buyers' imaginations quickly and a exceptional photographer is the only way to do it!

20 years ago buyers would mull over printed images in old Estate Agency offices to see if they wanted to arrange a viewing, but with the takeover of the internet, and the introduction of Rightmove and Zoopla, the property marketplace has changed. With the click of a button, buyers can now search for property from the comfort of their own homes and the new reality is that the photographs of your home will quickly determine, (within a couple of seconds!) exactly how much attention your property receives.

The click through rate that your property receives on Rightmove or Zoopla can be the difference between selling for over the asking price or under the asking price! It is crucial then, that your photographs entice potential buyers to click through to your property online, by creating an instant ‘good feeling’ about your home with perfect lighting and life style shots.

At Next Chapter we strongly believe in the art of photography. We believe that it was our photographs that helped us to become the first Estate Agent to sell apartments over on the Base Development (close to Brentwood Station) for over £250,000 and we have continued to do this time and time again, agreeing prices over and above other Estate Agents. Coincidence? I honestly don’t think so! It’s our amazing photographs that are attracting better prices for our clients.

At Next Chapter we didn’t want to take the photographs ourselves and we didn’t want a property photographer with wide angle lenses and fake blue skies. We wanted better for our clients. We wanted your photographs to be an emotional experience, giving buyers the journey of your home by creating a lifestyle. We didn’t want 8 bad images! We wanted 20 amazing ones! That’s why we specifically sourced a fine art photographer.

Linda Blacker has been exhibited in London, New York, Hong Kong and all over the world! With 60,000 followers on Instagram, Linda is a photography sensation and we are privileged to work with her exclusively - despite other Estate Agents continually trying to poach her!

Linda captures bright, fresh and clear images, transporting buyer’s into your home so that they can imagine living there, before they've even arranged a viewing. After all, you don’t just buy the house – you buy the lifestyle!

Don’t let your Estate Agent take your photographs. They’ll have you signed up and your photographs taken before you even had a chance to question their fee! Don’t do it!

You and your home deserve better. 
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