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New Hornchurch Office!

Bringing fairer fees to Hornchurch and Upminster
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Having opened a successful office in Brentwood 3 ½ years ago, we decided that now was the right time to open a second office. The only question was…where?
For the past year, we’ve been receiving constant calls from people in Hornchurch and Upminster asking for us to come out and value their homes, despite being slightly out of area. The feedback that we were receiving, was that people were struggling with the lack of choice, constrained with the option of either a high percentage, high street Estate Agent or the cheap ‘pay upfront’ online agents – where was the middle ground?
Both Hornchurch and Upminster are dominated by percentage based Estate Agents, cleaning up the market and charging anywhere from between 0.75-1.5%. They’ll tell you that the higher the fee, the better and more reliable the service – this is not true.
One thing that I’m most proud of achieving as part of our Brentwood office, is the change in people’s mindsets. It can be a daunting thing trying something new, something different and getting people to take on and understand this new way of doing things can be challenging. We were lucky that people in Brentwood got it. Months and months of shouting about the fact that you don’t need to pay a percentage for the same local service, resonated with people and before we knew it, we were market leaders.
With Amir having worked the majority of his career in Hornchurch, we bumped into some of his old colleagues at the Fatlin and Firkin on the High Street (this was before we opened the Hornchurch office). It was a fairly amicable exchange, but in that time, they were bragging about the rise of house prices in Hornchurch and on the back of this the rise of their average fee, meaning that the local office had taken over £100,000 in fees in one month! They were clearly delighted with themselves.  
It was in that moment, that we realised we had to open a Hornchurch office.  
Not for ourselves, but for you guys.
To offer you all something better, something fairer.
I know it can be a scary concept coming away from the likes of Balgores and Beresfords, but I want you to know that our fee structure has been designed just for you. It’s tried and tested and more importantly - it works.
On top of that, it is fair, transparent and easy to understand, because, unlike other Estate Agents, we’re on your side.
At Next Chapter we have 3 services, Bronze - £2,500, Silver - £3,500 and Gold £5,000. These fees are fixed and based on your service level requirements – not the value of your house. That means you get what you pay for, rather than us profiting from the increased value of your house. That money's yours.
I guess this blog has a simple message really - we’ve opened a Hornchurch office, so why not give us a call?
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