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Whether you live in the area or are thinking of moving, Next Chapter's area guide has been specifically designed to provide you with lots of useful information.

Put the kettle on and take a wander around - enjoy our stunning photos, a little bit of local history, information on local schools, and things to do when you're out and about - and if there's anything you'd like to know that we haven't covered, give us a call on 01277 500 396 and we'll do our very best to help.

A Quick Note: The schools we have listed are purely for your information and it does not necessarily mean that this school falls within the catchment area, we recommend contacting the school directly to find out this information.

Kelvedon Hatch

Tell me about it
It’s home to the Kelvedon Hatch secret nuclear bunker - the largest and deepest cold war bunker open to the public in the South East! So it’s definately worth a look!  It’s an area that’s a little bit more rural with houses to suit different budgets. If rural and affordable is something you’re after then check definately check it out!

If you're thinking of selling or buying in Kelvedon Hatch, be sue to get in touch!
Primary Schools
Kelvedon Hatch Community Primary School

Places of interest
The secret nuclear bunker is a great day out for some history. You can check out the website here: